Friday, October 26, 2012

The Sweetest Little Pup in the World

One sacked out little guy

We’ve been looking for the right dog for a couple of years. We’ve considered purchasing from a breeder but we can’t justify their prices for a dog. We’ve applied at several rescue sites to no avail. Finally, we resorted to checking our local shelter’s site regularly only to find the only dogs available were either Chihuahuas or Pit Bulls. One is too yappy, the other, too scary. No thanks. We’ll keep looking.

Until Tuesday night.

The Boy left for Outdoor Ed with his fifth grade class on Monday. The Captain left for work on Tuesday and texted me that night asking me to look at our local animal shelter’s website for a specific little puppy. I fell in love at first picture. Wednesday I arrived at the shelter at opening time and held this precious baby – only to find out that someone else had already put in an application for him but would I like to put in a back up application, just in case? After a moment’s hesitation, YES!!! Yes, I would.

I asked the staff when we would know if he was ours. Twenty-four hours. They had just heard from Applicant #1’s landlord (after three days) that they were okayed for a pet and had left the applicant a message giving them twenty-four hours to retrieve their puppy.

Needless to say, I was at the shelter Thursday, twenty-four hours later. I waited twenty-three minutes (but who’s counting?) to get help, as I was the third person in line. I was soooo nervous that one of them was there for this puppy. Nope. The first guy I’d already ruled out since I knew him and we talked before the doors opened but I wasn’t sure about the other couple. Nope, again. They were waiting to find out whether their kitty had been found. WHEW!!!

To make sure she did her due diligence, the staffer called Applicant #1 once more since they hadn’t heard from them. She ended up leaving a message saying that they had waited not just the standard one day, but four days from the time of application and the dog was now going to another applicant. About fifteen minutes later, while I was still in the middle of the adoption process, Applicant #1 called and read the staffer the riot act. I was so pleased when I heard the staffer say, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but the dog is already gone.” All Applicant #1 would have had to do was call and leave a message saying they couldn’t be there at noon because they had to work but they’d be in at whatever time. They hadn’t.

In the meantime, The Captain was texting me every three minutes to see what was happening. No pressure. But…

He’s ours! Ours!! ALL OURS!!!

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, people.

Welcome to the family, Barklay!

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