Sunday, October 28, 2012

So Much Fun!!!

The Boy arrived home from Outdoor Ed on Friday afternoon. I’d had our new puppy, Barklay, home for just twenty-four hours. When The Boy first met Barklay, he thought we must be dog sitting (because we do that so often… NOT). When I told The Boy that Barklay was ours, his face lit up. I have now witnessed love at first sight.

Not sure how we happened upon such a wonderful, easy-going dog. At only three months of age, Barklay already loves to play fetch. He’s not a messy eater or drinker. Although he doesn’t love his crate, he goes in without a fuss. He sleeps all night long. Of course, we’re having potty training issues; I expected that but we’re only working on seventy-two hours with this wee boy. It will happen.

What’s amazing is that The Captain has yet to meet our newest cRitter -- and it’s killing him. He keeps texting me requesting more photos. I’ve sent him so many pics, and videos too, of us playing fetch and cuddling. The Captain found Barklay in the first place and is our resident dog whisperer. He tried to come home twice but didn’t make it. Those pesky ships keep coming into the bay needing assistance. He’ll just have to race home on Tuesday.

I’m so glad to have a doggie in our house again. We’ve missed our Maggie so much. However, our geriatric felines are not so thrilled. Both Bart and Lisa have taken pot shots at Barklay. In fact, Bart has abandoned us for his other family altogether (again). He stayed home and slept with me, like usual, the first night but not since. I haven’t even seen him. L Of course, the weather has been really nice lately. We’ll see what happens when it gets colder. Lisa, on the other hand sticks around the house, coming inside occasionally for short periods but I have to watch both dog, who wants to play, and cat, who wants to kill. Lisa continues to come home each night in time to crawl in bed with The Boy as she’s done for years.

I’m so happy to have a full set of domesticated livestock again. We can’t wait for all those firsts: first swim, first camping trip, first time at the beach. Many good times ahead! And, eventually, hopefully, peace. J

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