Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cub Scouts

Since his birth, I have had a terrible time trying to light a fire under The Boy’s little rump. He just doesn’t get excited about anything -- other than video games and watching movies. Then at the beginning of 2nd grade we found Cub Scouts. He loves it. He enjoys going to the meetings, fulfilling his Requirements, attending the monthly evening family events, the overnights, the camping trips, Rocket Day, the Pinewood Derby, Bobby Crocker, even the days we walk a neighborhood hanging pamphlets on front doors.

Last weekend we went to Bridging. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cub Scouts that is the last family meeting before summer break when the Tigers become Wolves, the Wolves become Bears, and the Bears become Webelo 1s. I was excited because I thought everyone from The Boy’s den would be crossing the bridge too but soon realized that since they are already Webelo 1s that there is no Bridging to Webelo 2. The next Bridging for them will be to Boy Scouts next February at the Blue and Gold Dinner. Mama is not ready for this. This means her boy is closer to middle school. Closer to high school! Closer to driving!! Closer to voting!!! Closer to college!!!! Closer to gone!!!!! (get a grip, mama.)

The Boy receiving his badges and pins at Camp Coombs in Napa, May 2012.
(Please notice the wine barrel stave fire poker on the rock wall just left of front and center.
That's how prevalent they are around here.) 

After a really good potluck dinner (I know; that should be an oxymoron but it was good!) everyone was seated around the campfire and the meeting portion of the evening was underway. The next thing I knew, my name was called and I was asked to come forward to be recognized for being a Committee Member and the Scouting With Santa Fundraiser Chair. Immediately after, The Captain was asked to come forward for his role as Committee Member and Camping/Overnight Chair… and as being in charge of Rocket Day (which we didn’t know, hmmm). Several others soon joined us. Now, we knew we held these positions -- well, except for The Captain’s Rocket Day Leader -- what we weren’t expecting was the recognition. I’m not a shy person, ask anyone who knows me; however, I was taken aback and so was The Captain, who not only doesn’t expect but doesn’t want any recognition. We thought our participation was no more than what others do. Apparently, we thought wrong. It was nice. I’ll be the first to admit that I like applause. And I think that is another thing that The Boy likes about Cub Scouts because they are awarded their badges and pins in front of the entire Pack and all the parents. Applause is good for the ego no matter how old you are.

In the car one afternoon while running errands, The Boy and I were talking about who his role models are and immediately after mentioning several family members, he talked about his Cub Scout Den Leaders, then his teachers and one lady from church. I think that says bunches about his experience. 

Cub Scouts has been amazing for our entire family, not just The Boy. We have made friends with families we wouldn’t have otherwise met. We have also become closer with people we already knew through The Boy’s school. At Bridging, we realized that in less than a year our little Cubby will be moving on to Boy Scouts. That means we’ll miss some of those wonderful people but it’s nice to know there are still good families in this big, scary world and we look forward to meeting some more of them.

By the way, I have yet another pile of laundry that needs folding among other tidbits around the house and someone is coming over in half an hour. Gotta run!

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  1. Role models will be remembered all his life, especially since they were discussed with his mother. Such an important conversation.