Thursday, March 22, 2012


First, I'd like to apologize for my recent several weeks’ absence. My life changed two weeks ago. All is well now, however, and I may at some future moment decide to share -- but not today. Anyway…

So we finally have satellite TV back in the house and it’s becoming part of our lives once more. What is astonishing to The Boy and I is our fascination with commercials. We, again, have a DVR which we loved when we had pay TV two years ago because we could skip all the annoying commercials and shave about ten minutes off every half hour show. However, because we’ve been in our own little counter culture, outside the real world of commercial television for so long, we find ourselves watching commercials for cars and tissues, cereal and, most of all, ads for all the new shows that have popped up since last we had “real” TV.  

I realize this attraction is short-lived, that soon will be back to being irritated by commercials and happily fast-forwarding through them. That the phrase, “I hate ‘Live TV’!” which was once common in our home will resurface. In the meantime, you’ll have to excuse me, the TV show I’ve been ignoring while writing this post is finished. It’s time for the commercials. J

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  1. I am glad that someone is enjoying those commercials, but soon you will find that 6 out of 10 will be for Auto Insurance and you will start to yell at the TV as we do in our house.