Monday, February 20, 2012

Who IS This Woman???

I am first a wife and mother of one little boy. This year I will be celebrating the fourteenth anniversary of my twenty-ninth birthday (you do the math; I don’t want to) and my husband, hereafter known as The Captain, and I will be celebrating our fourteenth anniversary. I have four generations of an amazing family here in my hometown in the North San Francisco Bay Area where I returned after college and met The Captain.

I’ve been working steadily all my adult life, even through college, at least part-time but years of fifty-plus hour weeks before The Boy was born; that is, until eight months ago. I started my first office job when I was seventeen. A family friend and CPA was in need of a file clerk. There, I worked after school until they closed at 5:00, no evenings, no weekends. I learned all the basics and built my working life from there. A very good start compared to most of my contemporaries. However, in December 2010, my employer of five and half years informed me that he was retiring and selling the firm to another firm on the east coast. That instantly negated the possibility of transferring my services along with the firm, as I just couldn’t commute that far. The CPA I had worked for in high school saw my post on Facebook stating I was soon to be out of a job and offered me temporary work through tax season, which I eagerly accepted. Tax season ended and so did my employment.

As it turned out, the timing was actually pretty good. It was a few weeks before The Boy’s school term ended for the summer and since we hadn’t known whether or not I’d be working, we didn’t arrange for summer childcare. It was the best summer of my life. My nine year old and I were very busy so the summer flew by. Our family went camping several times and at the end of the summer, took our great-nephew (who is a year older than The Boy) to Disneyland for five days. The Captain said it wasn’t likely anyone would hire me with the amount of time I’d need off to accommodate our pre-reserved vacations anyway. Thus, I happily went about my summer, which turned into fall then winter.

So, eight months of being a housewife. Volunteering at The Boy’s school at least two days a week, co-chairing the school’s first holiday gift fair including making crafts to be sold at the fair with the kids after school, assisting The Captain who is chairing a seedling sale fundraiser, Cub Scouts planning meetings and fundraiser chair, and helping with two other upcoming school fundraisers. Like most parents, I am the chauffeur to swim team, Cub Scouts, karate, jiu jitsu, and the tutor. I have found that I’m good at projects outside my house but not a great housekeeper – something I already knew but have proven time and again recently.

Which, eventually, brings me to the point of this blog. I need to be kept accountable. That’s your job. I am soooo good at procrastinating. I can justify anything. See? I started a blog so I don’t have to fold laundry! J

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